We are having issues sleeping. By "we" I mean bobo. By "issues" I mean he won't. We are hopeful that it might just be a phase he's going through, but who knows. If he'd just hurry up and really pick up language, he could tell us what is going on. He is consistently waking up several times a night for what appears to us to be no good reason. I've had family and others tell me that you just need to let him cry it out and that he needs to learn to put himself to sleep, and while I understand that logically, when he is cracking glass with his screams, it is harder to put into practice. Last night, Lisa and I were discussing this and she mentioned that she thinks we should try the Ferber Method. When she said this, my immediate thought was, "wow, Lisa's family has a method for putting kids to sleep!" (Lisa's maiden name is Faerber.) It was only later after she had employed the "family" method the first time that my eyes were opened to the true meaning and origins of the Ferber Method. We had a good laugh at my expense, which is not an uncommon occurrence in the Packer home. So how do you get your kids to realize that good grief, take advantage of all of the sleep time now, because it is just downhill from here?!

Oh, and he has to get glasses.