La pazienza è la virtù dei forti

Now that we have done everything we can for foster care, it's out of our hands. I find myself struggling with this. There is nothing for me to do, so it has become a game of waiting. I sat staring at my cell phone today for a good 20 minutes, willing it to ring. It didn't work. I am in dire need of patience. Let me know if you find any.


avanti . . . sempre avanti

It seems that in spite of my best efforts, life continues to go forward. We have been fairly busy with work and church and getting ready for certification the last few weeks. We finally had our last home study done on the best day of all, this last Friday the 13th. Good thing neither of us suffer from triskaidekaphobia. Here is the nursery.

We had our annual service auction in the branch on Saturday. Food was eaten, fun was had. In that food and fun debauchery, we also managed to provide enough food for at least 15 families this coming Thanksgiving. I managed to score a photo shoot from a friend, Scott Kipphut (check out his Facebook site), and donated a five course Italian feast to be cooked by yours truly. The great part is that I would have cooked it anyway, and now I get to do it with friends.

Lisa has quite a bit going on with the stake young women. With super Saturdays, young women in excellence and other things, I sometimes get to see her, if I go to young women's activities. Life goes on. It is good. Even though it seems as if our life tends towards the non-stop cool and not-so-cool action, we have fun. What can I say. As fall fades slowly and gradually into winter, here are my words of wisdom for the day. Don't eat yellow snow.