hello world

Sometimes it's amazing to me to think that in spite of my lack of blogging, the world still goes on. Wow. Here are the top ten tidbits of knowledge and priceless wisdom that I have managed to add to my arsenal in the last several weeks since you have last heard from me.

1. No matter how you try and plan for things, life has a way of throwing you for a loop. There is so much that I have no control over whatsoever, and that is more than just a little bit frustrating.

2. Little Fat has the best schedule ever. He eats, he plays, he sleeps, he plays, he eats, he plays, etc... I'm jealous.

3. After getting recycled baby food all over me, pulling out mystery gunk from the drain is no big deal. Yeah, I'm cool.

4. I've yet to master a balance between work, church, myself, and my family. Anyone have any answers?

5. No matter how bad your day, when your kid gives you a lopsided grin and grabs at your face when you see him and pick him up, life is good. As my older sister would say, big cheesy sandwich.

6. Life is happier in the spring and summer. New life blooming is contagious.

7. An entire nights sleep, uninterrupted, is priceless.

8. It seems that there is always going to be something to look forward to, but enjoying the here and right now is also a good thing to take part in.

9. There is nothing like fresh, homemade salsa. Yummy.

10. Life is good.

I know. Surprising knowledge. Take it for what it is worth, and remember to smile.