It's not that I'm against fighting cancer, or other good causes springing from the Movember movement, it's just that I'm against mustachioed people. Sorry mom, but that means Tom Selleck as well (on the bright side mom, I'm 309% positive that dad still has/wears at least 13.5 pairs of shorts like Tom from his Magnum PI days). To alleviate any fears less you think that my bias and judgement is not universal, it's not anything specifically against men, I'm against women cultivating their upper-lip hair as well. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can move on to more important goings on, like what we have been doing since you last tuned in.

Our moms came and blessed us with their company a few weeks ago. The good thing about having the little fat in our lives is that our family wants to see us more often and so makes the reverse trek out east to do so. Fun was had, food was eaten, fall things were done (no one fell down, we did things associated with fall) and the bobo was thoroughly loved by both grandmothers. I won't write too much else about it because you were there mom. You got to experience it firsthand.

Halloween was passed without a zombie apocalypse, so we considered it a total success. That and we made candied apples and contributed to the state sponsored subsidizing of dentists everywhere by handing out enough candy to ensure that all the neighborhood kids consumed the FDA's yearly suggested sugar intake in one night. Good Times. Also our son was voted cutest kid on the planet by our pollsters (both grandmothers - sorry to our other nieces and nephews, at least you know where you stand). Sorry to all of the other contestants, but this is what first place looks like.

upclose Halloween 2011