Explosion at 36,000 feet

The title is slightly misleading. This isn't about an action/adventure flick, although there is some action and adventure, both of which were quite dirty.

This last week we traveled to Laramie to witness one of life's great events, a UW graduation. Lisa's youngest sister, Erica, was graduating and most of her family was going to be in attendance. Thanks to the recent addition to our family, we were deemed worthy of an invitation to the occasion. The real action/adventure occurred as we were high over the heartland of America, traveling from Newark (hidden jewel of the East) to Denver. His royal fatness was busy being as cute as normal when suddenly an aroma akin to the south end of a north bound skunk was detected wafting through the cabin. Upon further review, the stench was found to be coming from Bobo's hinder parts. Yeah.

I drew the short straw and got to wedge myself into the bathroom and change stinky pants. That is when the main action/adventure took place. Out the back. Up the front. Out the sides. Greenish/brownish/yellow sludge oozing from places that shouldn't be oozing. All over. Literally. Awesome. 45 minutes later, he was clean, I was dirty and we managed to squeeze out of the bathroom and back into our seats. Adventure over for the time being. Unfortunately, little fat got a little sick and shot liquid gross out of both ends all weekend long.

The trip was a success. We got to see family and friends and enjoy the wonderfulness that is Wyoming. And more importantly, on a scale of 1 to 10 in the traveling department, Capo got a solid 9.5 out of 10, being docked points solely for the incident mentioned above. Really though, how can you hold such disgustingness against a face like this?

And just because he's styling, here's the little flirt again.