Body Parts

A few weeks ago, Lisa was asked to speak at a Friday night Fireside with a visiting General Authority before she was released as the Stake Young Women's President. She spoke about unity and as usual was very insightful and did a wonderful job. Whenever she is asked to speak, her subject matter tends to be our topic of conversation until said talk is done. A couple of nights before the fireside, we were talking about the scripture in 1st Corinthians that states that we are all a part of the body of Christ, and and how everyone is different and contributes differently, just like the various parts of a body contribute to the whole. Then she turned towards me and said with a straight face, "And you're the butt cheek." At least I know where I stand . . . or maybe sit?


Consumer Chris strikes again

On Monday night I ran a few errands, got some groceries, and stopped by Blockbuster to get a movie for family night. Lisa has been wanting to see this new documentary, Babies, and I was hoping to be able to surprise her with it. 6pm on Monday is a slow time for Blockbuster, as there was only one employee (whom we will call Dufus) and one other customer in the store. I walked around looking for the show, couldn't find it, so went and stood in line to talk to Dufus and ask to see if it was in and I was just dumb and not able to find it. He finished with the other customer, but before I could ask him anything, the phone rang. He answered it and was like, "oh dude, yeah, I was totally going to call you..." No exaggerations or Packer factor going on here. He held up his pointer finger to me, which I took to mean that he would be just a minute. No problem. I listened to a good five minutes of Dufus talking on the phone with his friend about all sorts of stuff, and hope and pray that I never sounded that dumb (I know I did, my family will attest to it, but I was 12). I tried to butt into his phone call to ask if they had the movie, and he got this annoyed look on his face, put the phone on his shoulder and said, "Hey man, I'm on the phone." I apologized, pulled out my phone and dialed the manager's number that was prominently displayed on a sign at the front of the store, asking for customer feedback. No one answered and so I proceeded to leave a message with my name, number, and citing that Dufus was standing right in front of me and that he refused to help and was talking on the company phone with friends. Then I hung up. So did Dufus. He wasn't happy. At all. That's OK, neither was I. He wanted me to call the manager again and take back what I said, I wanted him to look up the movie for me. Again I learned that life isn't fair. Neither of us got what we wanted.