It has been a fairly busy month for me. Between the usual suspects, work, church and the house, there hasn't been too much free time. The idea of having a refinished kitchen is great. The actual doing part that comes with that however is not quite as great. Some of the highlights beyond the fun times in the kitchen have been a weekend spent on the SUNY Brockport campus with several hundred youth age 16-18 for priest/laurel conference and starting some landscaping in the backyard. I never went to youth activities as a youth. I was never really interested, plus I always had something else going on. That lack of youth activity involvement has more than been made up for in the last couple of years with Lisa serving as the Stake Young Women's President.

Work has also been rather intense for me as late. In trying to be more economically minded, there have been many new projects added to what I was already managing. That means a lot more work. That is a good thing, but if anyone ever figures out where to pick up extra time, I could definitely use some. That has been my life lately. All in all, pretty good.