Cape Cod

We were able to take off a few days and forget life and have an actual vacation. We camped on Cape Cod, at Paine's Campground. Nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Loved it. We were able to do lots of sightseeing, relaxing, and soaking in the beauty of the area. We rode our bikes around, went to the beach,

Cahoon Hollow Beach

Chris & Lisa on the beach at Cahoon Hollow

Lisa walking along the beach at Cahoon Hollow

and made tinfoil dinners the first day. Then on the fourth, we saw an old light house,

Lisa at the Cape Cod Light

whales, interesting people, walked in the Provincetown Bay and found shells, ate incredible fish and chips and watched fireworks from the beach.

Chris in the bay at Provincetown

Looking out over the bay at Provincetown

Fireworks from the beach - life is tough

On the fifth, we mostly just relaxed and laid on the beach, played in the water, saw some seals, caught fish out of the ocean, and watched a picture perfect sunset. The only bad part of the whole trip was that unfortunately, we had to come home.

Chris fishing in the bay at Wellfleet

Sunset from the bay at Wellfleet

We now have to get back to the normal flow of life. We met with the home finding service for foster care/adoption in Monroe County last week, and we start with our mandatory classes this week. We have ten weeks of classes and lots of paperwork before we can be certified, so we will see what happens. It is exciting to think of having a child in our home by the end of this year. Maybe that is pushing it a little bit, but we'll have faith. Life is good.

Sunset through the grass at Wellfleet