Sometimes, life is blue.


ci si va avanti

I sometimes feel that in order to post something on my blog, something special or amazing needs to happen. It's a good thing that my life is fairly extraordinary and has allowed me to post so many amazing things up until now. I actually do think that my life is rather ordinary and am thankful for that. I am grateful for the ordinary boringness of daily life. I find that I do better with a schedule and although I do sometimes get tired of the same old routine of work, family, church and little bit of other things thrown in there for some added spice, I like it. It's like one of your favorite dishes. There's a reason you eat it a lot, that's because it tastes good. That is how life has been lately. Just good routine. Going to work, which has been busy because I took a new job with lots of new responsibility, but that has been challenging and new and even fun. Church is also good, Lisa and I have been serving in the same callings for the last three years, which is the longest either of us had ever served in one calling. It has been good for the both of us and forced us (or maybe given us the opportunity) to stretch some to serve in those callings. Family life has been quite great lately. I think that I'm naturally a homebody and just like to be at home, so throw in my wonderful, amazingly talented and gorgeous wife and a little bundle of smiles, diapers, and puke, and it makes it more difficult to want to go and do anything else. Life is good. Boring and normal is great. Nice.