Christmas Shopping Slendor

On Saturday Lisa and I went to a wedding reception for a couple from the branch out in Palmyra. Since we were out that way, we figured that we would go to Eastview Mall down in Victor to finish out our Christmas shopping. The Eastview Mall is rather large and this time of year it is particularly crazy. We figured that we could go in fast, get what we needed and get out without too much trouble. What we hadn't factored in was all of the snow that fell the day before, and all of the snow that was supposed to fall the next day. Combine that with the fact that this was the last weekend to shop before Christmas, and people were trying to squeeze it all into one day. We got in, got what we wanted, even made a stop at Yogen Fruz. The problems started when we wanted to leave. . . similar to the Hotel California. We got into the car at 5:15 and following the route in red below, we got to the main highway at 7:00. As we were cruising past Macy's, I even had time to run in for a pit stop due to the lengthy commute getting out of the mall parking lot.


Calvin or Chris???

I think my wife would agree that this cartoon could very easily be about me instead of Calvin.


It should be noted that on the post from yesterday, it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility that I ask my wife a question like she thought I was asking. Just thought I'd throw that semi-retraction out there to all of my dedicated readers because my dear wife brought to my attention that by virtue of me being me, I've given her quite a bit more material of this sort to work with in our five years of marriage than the other way around. Furthermore, if I were to continue on in this same vein, she would be left with little choice but to start bringing up things about me.

I would lose that fight. Badly.


Running on Empty

Lisa has left me for a few days to go to Cortland, NY for a conference/training for work. Neither of us got a lot of sleep last night, hence the title of the post, and it has already started to take it's toll, especially on Lisa. She just called me on one of her breaks, and I asked her if she was learning anything. There was a pause on her part, and then she asked, "What kind of question is that??!!?" That drew a blank from me, until she said, "What do you mean, am I wearing anything?! Of course I am!" One positive side effect of sleep deprivation is that it makes everything much funnier. That's my random story for the day. Probably not as funny if you're names aren't Chris and Lisa.


Fall Pictures

We had some pics taken professionally this fall. While the pics look fine on the internet, except for my big bald head (which was supposed to be in color, lessening the baldness effect), the quality of the final prints was somewhat less than what was expected. That being said, here they are in all their glory.

hello big bald head aka Charlie Brown?



Thursday was a busy day full of work and two doctor's appointments, it was also Lisa's birthday. I remember the great awakening for me (when I fully realized that the world didn't stop to enjoy the special day that I was introduced to the world) happened when I turned 19 and had three mid-term exams in college. Didn't they realize it was my birthday! Granted, that realization should have come to me much earlier in life. That being said, we did have some fun on Lisa's day. After all of the hecticnesses of our life had run their course for the day, we drove to Park Ave. All of the businesses were open late for open houses with lots of decorations, lights, treats, ice sculptures. We stopped in at Magnolia's for some hot cocoa and a piece of turtle cheesecake. The highlight though had to be Lisa winning some birthday money from the instant cash lotto tickets that I got her.